Financial Information and Reports

Annual Budget Reports
2017 Budget Report
2018 Budget Report
2019 Budget Report

Annual Reports
2016 Report
2017 Report

Annual Financial Statements including audit management letter
2016 Financial Statement
2017 Financial Statement

Annual Investment Reports
2016 Investment Report
2017 Investment Report

Annual Procurement Reports
2016 Procurement Report
2017 Procurement Report

Operations and Accomplishments Report
2016 Report
2017 Report

Real Property Report
The Seneca TASC has no Real Property. See Annual Report.

Assessment of Effectiveness of Internal Controls

2016 Assessment – Auditor
2016 Assessment – Management

2017 Assessment – Auditor
2017 Assessment – Management

Measurement Reports
2016 Measurement Report
2017 Measurement Report

Independent Audit of Investments
The Seneca TASC has no Independent Audit of  Investments as the TASC has no investments.